Friday, 19 December 2014

Preliminary Ideas

Whilst I have defined the subject of this blog and I'm pretty sure in which direction I am headed, the individual models or dioramas are still under consideration. The time period that appeals most of all to me is from the late 50's (up to the winter of 62/63 passengers rode in the ex-Barry coaches, after that the Ex-LNER coaches were used) feeding towards the lines closure in 1975.

The 48xx / 14xx series of locomotives took over running of the CVLR from @1933 whereupon they ruled the roost right up until the last passenger train on Saturday the 7th of September, 1963. From Monday the 9th of September, the line started to see diesel occupation, this started with the 03's and ran through the Class 22's, a Class 31, a couple of Class 35's and a good handful of Class 25's.

As the diesels worked the line, the infrastructure started its decline towards almost total oblivion, just the platform at Whitehall Halt remaining along with a few tell tale posts. I find myself more interested in this later time period than the often modelled and celebrated earlier years - there is something about the lines struggles that seem amplified to me in this condition - the unused track gradually disappearing as the milk tankers continued their regular journey through the valley.

This is one of those shots that sums it right up to my mind

Hymek passing Culmstock station platform on 9th November 1971

In fact that whole sequence of photographs appeals, you can see that the train has picked up a grain wagon between ColdHarbour and Uffculme (George Smalls Mill had a private siding there) but more importantly for me, every one of those photographs can be modelled in a very modest space.

Combining the passage of time (which brings with it a greater variation in stock) and a focus on the smaller scenes will hopefully help to maintain a longer interest in modelling the CVLR. Coldharbour Halt and Whitehall Halt are obvious choices, as is George Smalls siding at Uffculme, the trailing siding / junction to Culm Davy Brickworks, numerous bridges, road crossings and even Culmstock Station in its rationalised and deserted state.

Those scenes can be party to representations of the every day life of the railway, some of the infrastructure changing very little between the late 40's and the mid 70's. Some of the well recorded trains such as the last passenger service, enthusiast specials, last freight etc are all legitimate targets for modelling and will allow a reasonably broad set of subjects for consideration.

All in all then, the aim is to build a series of small scenes in which to display a variety of trains, representing the passage of time on the CVLR. Each scene should be small enough to take outside, I hope to be able to make the use of natural light for photography and actually, I'd like to be able to use natural backdrops as well for an added dimension.

Reading back through that, I think there is enough to keep me busy for a while...

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